My meditation practice began in June 2019 with Anirban.  For many years prior to this I had tried to explore meditation but it never lasted long.  However my first meditation teaching from Anirban was so powerful for me that I knew I had found something different.  Anirban not only taught me the meditation practice itself but explained the evidence base behind it and the incredible body of evidence pointing to its effectiveness in reducing stress and living life in a different way.  I realised I could do this anywhere.  Now my children are seeing me meditate and they are also starting off on their own journey mainly through guided meditations.  I’ve linked in frequently with Anirban over the 14 months and each time I feel it has renewed my meditation practice and brought me to a different point where I needed to be. I would recommend to anyone who wishes to start meditation to take that leap with Anirban. You won’t regret it.

Private Meditation student – Applied Psychologist

“You guys are great! Two amazing people who share knowledge in the most practical and emotional way. I loved my experience with you. Thank you for feeding my soul… this is life giving!”

Workshop attendee – L’Oréal

“Mary-Ellen has been my coach for several years now. Together, we’ve used strengths focused coaching to address several challenges I’ve faced, primarily in the workplace. Initially, these started with issues around self-confidence and self-image. More recently, we’ve worked on team building and leadership. We’ve worked on strategies to address the challenges of being a woman in a leadership position and on how to overcome personality differences in the workplace to build better professional relationships. The strengths based approach that Mary-Ellen takes focuses on tangible, attainable goals using practical and positive approaches. My favorite aspect is that it emphasizes what is right rather than dwelling on what is wrong. Mary Ellen’s tremendous passion and energy make every coaching session constructive and fun. I view these sessions as an important investment I’m making in myself and in my future. I know hiring Mary-Ellen as my coach was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made in my career and she has my highest recommendation.”

Private coaching customer – Associate Professor Harvard University

“Just a big THANK YOU for this time, for all the learning and sharing. I leave with tons of good emotional resources and tactics to live a happy life.”

Workshop attendee – L’Oréal

“I have had the privilege of interacting with Mary Ellen in a professional capacity during the self-development/ strengths coaching session. Mary Ellen is great at helping to identify what keeps people stuck and what’s holding them back from achieving success. She has natural talents of understanding individual’s needs and her strategic and goal-oriented vision of helping them is among her greatest strengths. What impressed me most about Mary Ellen compared to any other coaching I have taken part in is her ability to empower her clients by providing just the right mixture of support and a kick to get them moving and creating change in their lives. Mary Ellen has the ability to find the best in everyone and then (and this is the most important part) get them to see it in themselves. I am deeply thankful to her. If you have the opportunity to work with Mary Ellen, grab it!”

Private customer and workshop attendee – Nokia

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