At FUTR now we help you learn to meditate, understand the science of meditation both psychological and physiological, and what type of meditation practice will be right for you, your family or your team.  Meditation is proven to help reduce stress, reduce anxiety, gain restful sleep, relief from chronic pain and increase your overall mental well-being.

We offer group workshops and private meditation consultations and tuition on what type of meditative practices will suit individual, family or team needs.

We aim to help new students learn and maintain their own self-guided practice so it becomes a habit. We bring attention to the scientifically proven benefits behind self-guided meditation. We equip you with knowledge of why meditation works as well as the practical methods. Together as a group we share our personal experiences of the practice. The course is run weekly for small groups, sessions typically last between 1-1.5 hours. The Introduction to meditation course investment is based on a sliding income scale.

Please email for more information on availability or to book a place on a beginners course.

For private teaching and guidance at all levels, you will receive 1 on 1 tuition, discussions, reflections, reading materials, journals and coaching on how to develop your practice, maintain healthy routines and habits and how to make meditation a practical part of your life. These sessions are completely tailored to individual needs. Your investment fee is on an income based scale.

Please email for more information or to book private sessions.