Corporate Workshops

We run corporate workshops for teams and leaders using well researched methods founded in deceades of positive psychology research. We ask indivduals to complete a character strengths assessment before the workshop begins and we start the program with strengths analysis of the team and understand the team dynamics from a strengths perspective and deliver recommendations on both an individual and team level.

Clients we loved working with are:  

We also introduce the teams to the benfits of “Pausing” or more literally giving them the scientific benefits and methods of a regular meditation practice. We introduce them to simple and proven stress and anxiety reduction methods, how to make time and form a regular habit as well as an overview of other well known mindfulness and meditation techniques.

We have found that the combination of strengths, self awareness and meditation training has a profound positive impact on the individual and team dynamics as a result of completing our workshops. Creating these mental well-being habits has changed the course of many of our students lives for the better and we are excited to be able to share our knowledge and methods with you.

Our most recent workshop was run over three days in rural France at the wonderful Le Barn with the global social media team from L’Oréal HQ in Paris. Read their testimonials here.

The best workshops we have delivered have been off site, away from the office. So if you are team that needs strengthening and de-stressing or you are a retreat centre that can facilitate a team day away please get in touch with us We provide completely tailored packages precisely to your needs and expectations.

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