Happi Out Coaching

Are you uncertain of the road ahead?

Are you struggling with parenting?

Are you facing redundancy or career change?

Are you suffering from grief through bereavement or loss?

Learn to navigate change so you thrive rather than just survive.

Happi Out Coaching will enable you to not only resolve the issues and fears you are facing but also to become the best version of yourself. We have translated the science of Positive Psychology into simple tools you can HABITISE. Yes you will learn to create happiness habits for life.

We have incorporated movement and nature into the coaching sessions so you also boost your immune system and mental wellbeing. 

Numerous studies have shown that walking and being in nature is good for our mental wellbeing and increases our creativity and positive emotions. In 2018 King’s College London research on Forest Bathing (Japanese practice of shinrin yoku), found that spending time outdoors under trees improves feelings of happiness and boosts the immune system as well as reducing stress hormone production and lowering heart rate and blood pressure. In 2014 researchers at Stanford University showed that walking stimulates creative thinking. 

Happi Out Coaching in the Park combines fresh air with a fresh approach.  

Positive Psychology research shows that focusing on our good experiences and increasing our positive emotions is as important for mental wellbeing as reducing negative experiences. Resilience studies show that loss and adversity can lead to growth and positive change. We have applied the latest scientific research to develop our own unique programme called Habitise Happiness. In a nutshell this programme teaches individuals to thrive. Clients learn to pause and become self-aware, strength-focused, emotionally agile, values-driven and resilient. Learning these essential thrive skills increases self-confidence, self-compassion, self-care and boosts positive relationships.

Happi Out is 1-on-1 Coaching in the Park with Mary-Ellen Saha.

Coaching sessions are outdoors in Gunnersbury Park, Ealing.

Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Cost is £65 per session. Payment is by Bank Transfer.

To book a session today call Mary Ellen 07576221721 or email her at here@futrnow.org

HAPPI OUT DEFINITION – To be happy with your present situation, the turn of events, the way things turned out. Being really happy (Irish origin)

HABITISE DEFINITION – the process of turning a positive experience into a daily habit