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True Colours Thru Strengths: How to Energise Your Child to become their Best Self Mary Ellen and Anirban Saha

A hugely insightful activity book designed to see you own true colours as well as your child’s. The book details all 24 VIA classified character strengths with examples of people, TV, Films and songs exemplifying those strengths as well as developmental exercises for kids and parents which are designed to be coloured in and cut out. Available on Amazon here

Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting
Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn
The BEST parenting book, this book guides you to a new perspective & way of being a parent. Totally life changing. Highly recommended. Read & re read for all stages of parenting- baby through to adolescence. I go back to this often. Available on Amazon here

The Heart of Parenting: How to Raise An Emotionally Intelligent Child
John Gottman
This book is a ‘How to’ for Emotion Coaching, which involves awareness of emotion, labelling emotions, listening & setting boundaries but not solving your kids problems, not helicopter parenting but supporting him/her emotionally. It takes time & patience but totally worth it. Again a shift in mindset is needed. Available on Amazon here

Your Child’s Strengths: A Guide for Parents & Teachers
Jennifer Fox, M. Ed.
This book outlines the strengths perspective which is totally alien to us, who have been brought up in a deficit based home & school system. Here you learn to look at what’s strong instead of what’s wrong with your child. Again it takes openness, attention and patience to notice the small ways your child’s individual strengths manifest and to set up his/her world so he/she can grow these strengths. This is the true path to your child’s fulfillment and happiness. It’s as easy as – What is your child energised by? That’s where the growth and joy happens, and yet it’s challenging as we get pulled back into deficit outlook by our children’s school reports and a society that focuses on what’s lacking. Available on Amazon here

Build Confidence and Beat Depression in Just One Minute Donald Altman

This is a great blog post on how strengths practice is an amazing tool for your mental well being.

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