FUTR now is on a mission to teach as many children and adults as we can, the critical life skills of meditation practices, character strengths and positive relationships for emotional well being.

FUTR now is a mental well-being company. We believe that mental well-being habits should be as important a part of your life as your physical well-being. Over the last 20 years, thousands of  scientific studies have shown that the tools we have based our programs on can dramatically improve the mental well-being of an individual.

We created this company in order to address the impact of comparison and highlighting of weakness be it in work, businesses or in schools through examinations, grades or performance reviews. The stresses and anxiety that this focus induces and produces are well documented as being the root cause of a dramatic rise in mental health issues around the world. We are painfully aware of our weaknesses and yet unable to identify or use our core strengths on a regular basis, which is key to helping us maintain positive mental health and emotional well-being.

We have realised through our varied client work that it’s not enough to just be mindful, we must shine our awareness on something. That something is Character Strengths, or what is right with us. This combination of awareness and strengths is known as MBSP (Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice). MBSP has the potential to supercharge the mental well-being of both adults and children and it is the foundation of what we do.

About Mary Ellen (Founder & CEO)


I believe that every individual has a unique set of character strengths, a unique contribution to offer the world and that knowing & growing their best self is the route to a joyful present and a fulfilling future.

I thrive on improving well-being & performance one person/child at a time. I have a natural instinct for change and am energised by it. I’m intrigued by individual differences. I’ve a highly developed ability to spot strengths in both kids & adults. I’m energised by seeing the best bits in others and helping them build on that good stuff so they flourish. 

I have a strong bias for action. I’m a motivator. With me as your coach you will get unstuck, get mind-fit and find the resources you need to achieve. Whether your goal is career advancement, lower stress/anxiety, better relationships or more mindful parenting I’ll give you the positive push you need. 

As an optimist I believe there has never been a better time than now to increase our collective mental well-being. We’ve never had it so good. We have the science, we have the technology. I’m here to guide you to make the time, to partner with you so you prioritise your happiness so you create your best self. 

I’m coach & guide, teacher, feminist, optimist, wife, enabler, energiser, improver, imperfect mother, listener, learner, curious creator, rule-breaker and risk-taker. I percolate & I persist. 


I’m a qualified Positive Psychology Coach. I’ve been career coaching adults since 2009, both 1-on-1 and within corporate organisations. 

I’ve been coaching parents 1-on-1 since 2016.

I’m a qualified mindfulness trainer. I’ve a Certificate in Mindfulness from Metanoia Institute, Ealing, London since 2012. I’ve had a personal daily practice of mindfulness meditation since then. I’m certified by Youth Mindfulness to teach kids mindfulness. I’m DBS checked, dated 2018. 

I have a five-course certificate in Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania, taught online by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, Dr. James Pawelski, Dr. Angela Duckworth, Dr. Claire Robertson-Kraft & Dr. Karen Reivich. I’m up-to-date on all the latest research and applications in this field. My studies included Character Strengths, Positive Interventions, Resilience & Grit.

I’m an accredited Strengths Practitioner (both Individual & Team) from Centre of Applied Positive Psychology, CAPP, Coventry, UK since 2012

I’m a member of IPPA: International Positive Psychology Association.

I’m a member of the British Psychology Society and was a Committee Member of the Special Group in Coaching for 3 years.

Mary Ellen Saha 

About Anirban (Co-founder)

BSc. MRes. DipBSoM 

I believe that anyone can meditate and that everyone should. From an early age I was reciting Sanskrit mantras with my parents and had a vague understanding of their meanings or was aware of their benefits. Somewhere in my teens I lost this practice, probably when I needed it the most, and took on the full burden of exam pressures and family expectations with no ways to deal with them. During my professional career, I worked for some of the biggest technology companies in the world, and dived fully into the stressful corporate cycle of life being churned up and spit out with little control over my future.

My initial foray back to meditative practices started with Yoga and Pranayama in my late twenties. The immediate impact to my mental well-being was massive and  very effective and I sought to learn and practice and teach ever since. I personally practice mantra meditations which I do twice daily and has had the most profound impact on my life and views of the world and people in it. It is a technique that I love teaching and I am fully accredited by the British School of Meditation.

This has ultimately led me to co-founding FUTR now with my wife, and we are on a unified mission to bringing these critical life skills to as many people as we can in a time of unprecedented cases of mental health issues, throughout our society.

As your meditation teacher, I will help understand your needs and plan and adapt specific meditative techniques with clear guidance on how to start and maintain a regular meditation practice. We will always have time for discussion and feedback and a open dialogue on your meditation journey.