Mental Well-being Habits

🌈 Covid 19: Better not Bitter 🌈

We understand many of you are struggling right now on lockdown, dealing with many changes, uncertainty and difficult emotions, like anxiety, grief, sadness, anger and guilt. We have had many challenges to overcome also. However we believe there is opportunity in every adversity. It may be difficult to see the silver lining, but it’s there. If it’s not apparent at first we suggest you pause, rest and simply be.

Remember there is an infodemic afoot as well as a pandemic. We are dealing with information overload everyday about the virus but also about how to cope with it, how to home school, how to stay healthy, how to use lockdown productively … and the list goes on. We suggest you protect yourself from the infodemic as much as you are from the pandemic by switching off most of this external noise. Try to disengage from the daily distraction of info seeking /doing mode. And tune into your being mode.

The world is on PAUSE. You can be too. Pause and tune into your own frequency. Check the updates on you. Rather than trying to understand the latest science of the virus or learn popular parenting hacks become self-aware to what is trending within you. Pause. And be here NOW.

We believe in you one hundred percent. You have everything you need inside yourself already to not only survive this but to thrive. You can emerge from Covid 19 better not bitter.

To help you Anirban has created a meditation video series here.

MaryEllen has created rainbow gratitude printables here to express our appreciation for those in our communities on the front lines. Also increasing your positive emotions increases your mental wellbeing and boosts your immune system. Colouring in is a mindful activity that reduces stress. Remember gratitude is as contagious as the virus itself. You too can TRANSMIT THANKFULNESS 🌈

FUTR now is a mental well-being company. We believe that mental well-being habits should be as important a part of your life as your physical well-being. Over the last 20 years, thousands of  scientific studies have shown that the tools we have based our programs on can dramatically improve the mental well-being of an individual.

We offer to companies, schools and individuals, meditation training, private coaching and workshops, school clubs, books and many more products and services to help you learn these life skills, in your journey to having healthy mental well-being habits. Stay tuned for updates and new product announcements!

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