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Change Coaching

At FUTR now we specialise in Change Coaching for individuals, families and corporate teams.

Private coaching is hourly and is currently done outdoors at both Kew Gardens, Gunnersbury Park and other local parks in West London.

We also offer one on one coaching for families and children to increase self confidence, resilience and behaviour management. Families often come together for these sessions.

We also offer mental well-being at work sessions incorporating science-based meditation and mindfulness practices as well as our ground breaking Thrive Skills work.

We have applied the latest positive psychology research to develop our own unique exercises for teams and individuals to identify and understand their character strengths, emotions, and self-awareness to enchance their work and family lives.

Workshops typically run for half day sessions.

For further information please contact Mary Ellen at for further information on pricing.

Resilience Meditation

Our Resilience meditation programme teaches a self-guided technique that anyone can easily learn and maintain for life. During this time of massive uncertainty and human sufferring, we all need to work on our resilience to mentally deal with what ever the world throws at us. So if the current pandemic has brought you stress, work anxiety, sleep issues or simply feelings of uncertainty, then our Resilience meditation programme is for you.

If you’ve tried meditation before, downloaded all the apps but still can’t get down a routine, we will help you to easily habitise this essential mental well-being skill.

Meditation is proven to help reduce stress, reduce anxiety, gain restful sleep, relief from chronic pain and increase your overall mental well-being.

We offer private meditation tuition, and advice on what type of meditative practices will suit individual, family or even team needs. We use similar methods to those of more traditional TM (Transcendental Meditation) and classical Vedic meditation schools, however we provide much more support, teaching materials and guidance, during our in depth 6 week courses.

Please email for more information on availability or to book a place on a beginners course or call 07793955432


7th September 2020 – Limited spaces available

11th September 2020Limited spaces available

14th September 2020 – Limited spaces available

18th September 2020Limited spaces available

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28th September 2020Limited spaces available

2nd October 2020Limited spaces available

Courses begin on Mondays and Fridays and run concurrently over 6 weeks ( flexibility is typically available around school holidays) Each session is approx 1 hour long and run weekly.

We aim to help new students learn and maintain their own self-guided practice so it becomes a daily habit. We bring attention to the scientifically proven benefits behind self-guided meditation. We equip you with knowledge of why meditation works as well as the practical methods of starting a daily practice. When training as a group, we share our personal experiences of the practice. The course is run weekly in person or over Zoom for individauls and small groups, sessions typically lasts around 1 hour. The 6 week Resilience meditation course investment is based on a sliding income scale.

For private teaching and guidance at all levels, you will receive 1 on 1 tuition, discussions, reflections, reading materials, journals and coaching on how to develop your practice, maintain healthy routines and habits and how to make meditation a practical part of your life. These sessions are fully flexible completely tailored to individual needs. Your investment fee is on an income based scale.

Please email for more information or to book private sessions and for pricing.

Thrive Skool

This club is aimed at 9-12 year olds. They will learn the 11 essential “Thrive Skills” from our unique mental well-being programme. Our workshops are run after “skool” privately in our nurturing space, the Thrive Now Centre in Ealing, London W5. On the program they will learn :

  • Mindful awareness
  • Understand and learn to use their unique strengths
  • Cope with school stresses and exam worries
  • Accept anger, sadness and fear
  • Connect to others with kindness and empathy
  • Facilitate concentration and focus
  • Increase resilience and confidence
  • Boost energy, joy and gratitude
  • Improve academic performance
  • Promote better sleep patterns
  • Enchance music, sport or drama performance

Please contact us at for more information or to book a place for autumn term, September 2020

Corporate Workshops

We run corporate workshops for teams and leaders using well researched methods founded in deceades of positive psychology research. We ask indivduals to complete a character strengths assessment before the workshop begins and we start the program with strengths analysis of the team and understand the team dynamics from a strengths perspective and deliver recommendations on both an individual and team level.

Clients we loved working with are:  

We also introduce the teams to the benfits of “Pausing” or more literally giving them the scientific benefits and methods of a regular meditation practice. We introduce them to simple and proven stress and anxiety reduction methods, how to make time and form a regular habit as well as an overview of other well known mindfulness and meditation techniques.

We have found that the combination of strengths, self awareness and meditation training has a profound positive impact on the individual and team dynamics as a result of completing our workshops. Creating these mental well-being habits has changed the course of many of our students lives for the better and we are excited to be able to share our knowledge and methods with you.

Our most recent workshop was run over three days in rural France at the wonderful Le Barn with the global social media team from L’Oréal HQ in Paris. Read their testimonials here.

The best workshops we have delivered have been off site, away from the office. So if you are team that needs strengthening and de-stressing or you are a retreat centre that can facilitate a team day away please get in touch with us We provide completely tailored packages precisely to your needs and expectations.